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VIC Stem Cell Network - June 2015

04:00 PM - Tuesday 02 June, 2015
Join us to hear Professor Heather Young from The University of Melbourne discuss the potential of cell therapies to treat enteric neuropathies.

TITLE: Potential of cell therapies to treat enteric neuropathies

TIME: 4:00PM Tuesday 2 June (refreshments to follow)

VENUE: Level 5 Seminar Room, Melbourne Brain Centre, The University of Melbourne, Parkville

BIO: Professor Young did a BSc (Hons) and PhD in neuroscience at the University of Melbourne and then took up a post-doctoral position at the University of Queensland working on retinal circuitry.  In 1990, she joined John Furness’ laboratory at the University of Melbourne working on enteric nervous system (ENS) circuitry, and established her own laboratory working on ENS development in 1996. She is currently a NHMRC Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of Melbourne.  Professor Young’s current research is focused on the mechanisms influencing the migration and differentiation of enteric neuron precursors, the development of ENS function and the potential of cell therapy for treating enteric neuropathies, and is funded by NHMRC Project grants and an ARC Discovery grant.

ABSTRACT: Diseases of the enteric nervous system result in gastrointestinal motility disorders that are some of the most challenging clinical conditions to manage.  Professor Young will present data from studies using mice to examine the potential of cell therapeutic approaches for treating enteric neuropathies.