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Stem Cells: Hope, Hype & Progress

11:00 AM - Thursday 07 July, 2011
The Spinal Cord Injury Network held a pilot workshop 'Stem Cells: Hope, Hype and Progress' in partnership with the Spinal Injuries Association and Stem Cells Australia in July 2011. More than 80 people attended the event in Brisbane, which brought together health professionals, researchers and people with spinal cord injury. The workshop aimed to update the community on research into cellular therapies and promote discussion on stem cell tourism.

The workshop sessions were recorded and can be viewed on the Spinal Cord Injury Network website. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rebeccah Rush most sincerely for giving us permission to play part of Ben Byer's documentary 'Indestructible' as part of the workshop. Ben's unique insights while seeking a cure for ALS, including a trip to China for stem cell treatments, preceded a panel discussion exploring what you should consider if pursuing unproven, experimental stem cell therapies overseas.

Workshops were also held in Melbourne and Sydney during July and August 2011.