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12:30 PM - Monday 17 August, 2015
Join us to hear visiting Virginia Commonwealth University academic Professor Babette Fuss discuss her work on autotaxin - a regulator of oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination.

Date: Monday,  17th August, 2015
Time: 12.30-1.30pm
Title: Autotaxin, a regulator of oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination
Venue: Seminar Room, Level 5, Kenneth Myer Building, The University of Melbourne

BIO: Babette Fuss received her Ph.D. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. In her thesis work, under the mentorship of Dr. Melitta Schachner, Dr. Fuss isolated and characterized the cDNA encoding tenascin-R. Her findings provided one of the foundations that led to the definition of the tenascin protein family. For her postdoctoral work, Dr. Fuss moved to the US, where she worked with Dr. Wendy Macklin at the University of California Los Angeles and the Cleveland Clinic. During her time as a postdoctoral fellow, Dr Fuss started characterizing the extracellular protein autotaxin as an oligodendrocyte-derived protein, and she was involved in the generation and establishment of transgenic mouse models using the PLP promoter.  When she started her own laboratory in 1999 at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr Fuss continued her work on the role of autotaxin in oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination, and she has since expanded her focus toward a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate the formation and repair of the CNS myelin sheath. Her work as provided critical novel findings related to the roles of extracellular factors as well as the cellular cytoskeleton in the regulation of oligodendrocyte differentiation and CNS myelination. Dr. Fuss is now full professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to her scientific expertise and recognition, Dr. Fuss actively participates in the grant review processes at NIH and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She is also the current president of the American Society for Neurochemistry.