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From Stem Cells To Human Development Workshop (UK)

09:00 AM - Sunday 21 September, 2014

From Stem Cells to Human Development

21st – 24th September 2014 Wotton House, Wotton, Dorking, Surrey, UK 

This workshop is being run by organized by the editors of Development: Olivier Pourquie, Austin Smith and Benoit Bruneau and run as part of the Company of Biologists 2014 series.

“From Stem Cells to Human Development”, brings together scientists with a common interest in understanding human development using stem cell systems. Topics to be discussed will include the establishment of pluripotency, development of the major lineages and tissue morphogenesis, as well as translational and ethical aspects of human stem cell research. 

Speakers include Clare Blackburn, Rick Livesey, Elaine Dzierzak, Alexander Medvinsky, Susan Fisher, Hiromitsu Nakauchi, Göran Hermerén, Jenny Nichols, Danwei Huangfu, Janet Rossant, Yoshiki Sasai, Insoo Hyun, Henrik Semb, Gordon Keller, Hans Snoeck, Jürgen Knoblich, James Wells, Arnold Kriegstein and Joanna Wysocka.

Registration for this Workshop will open in January 2014 and there will be places for 110 participants. 

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