Camille Shanahan

Disease Team Manager
Dr Camille Shanahan
Dr Camille Shanahan has joined Stem Cells Australia as the Disease Team Manager.

Camille will be managing the MRFF Accelerated Research – Stem Cells – Disease Teams Programs.

Camille previously project managed major infrastructure projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine at the University of Melbourne. These projects involved working closely with stakeholders, consultants and external organisations to develop ideas into projects, including concept planning, options development, feasibility and risk assessment, business case development and project implementation.

Camille has broad research and clinical experience in biomed/biotech. She has postdoctoral research experience in Neuroscience, Graduate Research in Biomechanics, Neuroscience and Ergonomics and Prosthetics and Orthotics clinical experience in public and private healthcare settings. Camille has a strong interest in contributing to the translation of medical research into clinical application.

Camille will be developing translational opportunities from teams of stem cell researchers across Australia. Including reviewing the of scope and capacity of stem cell research, and the assembly of stem cell teams towards specific disease areas, clinical translation programs and/or commercialisation opportunities. 

Camile can be contacted via or on +61 423 715 640